I have worked with Bonnie Primm in some creative way since 1966, starting at WAVY TV.

My most recent experience with Bonnie has been colors for several commercial buildings and one healthcare business we were selling. We were starting to think that the health care business would be better off closing and not even trying to sell. I asked Bonnie to come in and look at colors and placement of store fixtures. Within about two weeks the store was painted and redesigned inside. We spent less than $2,500 and within a month the business was sold.

We changed the color scheme on two other buildings and now the realtor is getting more calls than any of the properties he represents.

Bonnie has also worked with us on beach rental property and our personal residence. She honestly energizes and brings new life to properties with very little cash outlay.
Maury Cooke


I wanted to follow up and show that based on your observation that our front entrance was not welcoming, due mainly to overgrown thorny rose bushes, we trimmed them back (almost fatally) and positioned some nice statuary amongst them. Check out the pix attached, we have had several positive comments. We do plan to keep the bushes in check, as it would now be obvious is they overtake the statue.

Thanks for your guidance on this, I hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer.

Jerry Williams, President

Bonnie’s advice regarding color selection and furniture placement was critical to the successful renovation of our new home. Moving form a 4,000+ square foot house in the woods to a 2,000 square foot apartment overlooking the ocean was a challenging transition. Bonnie guided us via thought provoking questions and a process of filtering options. Our new space invites us to enjoy expansive ocean views while sheltered and embraced within a warm and earthy space. Bonnie helped us make bold decisions that resulted in a new home that is in synch with both of our temperaments and tastes. As a result, we love living in this new space!

Nancy and Steve

Bonnie Primm has been a valuable resource for me. She helped guide me through a period of difficult choices and decisions. Working with Bonnie was instrumental in my finding peace and resolve through the process.

I don’t have to tell her who I am or how I manage information, because she “gets me”, at times I feel she has known me most of my life! Although I have worked with others in related fields, she is by far the best. Her knowledge, skills and approach is amazing!

Sherry Hux

Dear Bonnie,

I felt uplifted by our time together. I have already added the red fabric over the split box spring, have hung the crystal in the family room – and one in my bedroom. I agree…it will be a burst of life for that room and quite an energetic addition to the house and to me. I think you and I really did connect and I appreciate your insight and advice on relationships, energy and intention. Our paths have crossed for a reason and at this good time…..you are a bright light shining on my path. Thanks!

Mary Lou

We read the book “Feng Shui Step by Step: How to Arrange Your Home for Health and Happiness Paperback” by T. Raphael Simons and hired a local Feng Shui consultant, Bonnie Primm. We learned that feng shui is actually much more complicated than we originally imagined. We needed to provide Bonnie with our respective birth dates as well as the direction that the house faced and the floor plan, in advance of our session.

During Bonnie’s visit, we utilized the “Bagua,” or energy map seen here, to interpret the floor plan of the house. The wall that contains the main entrance, as you can see, is on the bottom of the diagram. In our house, the entrance lies on the left side of the front façade, which is the “wisdom, self-knowledge and rest” sector.

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This is Part II of Joe and Lulu’s Richmond House Renovation. Last week they shared their plans for lighting and incorporating elements of Feng Shui into their design and this week they show how they executed their plan.

When ELLE DECOR asked the interior designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, about the most important aspect of decorating a house, he responded, “Light is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space. It’s one of the most important elements in all my interiors.”

So, following our feng shui session, and with this quote in mind, we finalized five components of our lighting upgrade and renovation

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