Home and Personal Space Services

  • Applying Feng Shui Principles to Living and Work Space – 2 hour consultation
  • Any Specific Two-Hour Task, i.e. art placement, color prescription, etc.
  • Half Day Design Consulting – Furniture, Artwork, and Space Alteration (includes feng shui principles, additional color and usage of space)

Physical Environment

Home – Residential

The difference between a house and a home is where you find more than a roof and a place to lay your head. Understanding this concept brings support and creative energy into your life. Home is the one place over which you have absolute control. Why not use it? Who does not want to find balance and harmony where they live.

I wanted to follow up and show that based on your observation that our front entrance was not welcoming, due mainly to overgrown thorny rose bushes, we trimmed them back (almost fatally) and positioned some nice statuary amongst them. Check out the pix attached, we have had several positive comments. We do plan to keep the bushes in check, as it would now be obvious they overtake the statue.

Thanks for your guidance on this, I hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer.

Jerry Williams, President

Tools to Create the Way You Want to Live:

Interior Design Concepts

COLOR “your” way or “my” way – finding a way to bring more of you into your spaces and energizing or calming life into your home

PLACEMENT is about where furniture and accessories not only make the most sense but ALSO if their placement fits your life style and
who lives there. Like a lot of stuff or more Zen? The more you own, the more it owns you (Henry David Thoreau).

USE or SPACE PLANNING has more to do with the way you live rather than what the “floor plan” indicates this is supposed to be – a living or dining room. If the need of who lives there is a family who needs the space for more “living” or a music or office space, then it is important to honor the need and change the use

LIGHTING is the most underappreciated and underused energy

application in your home and I am not saying by the power company’s standard – light is life giving. Every corner of almost every space needs light to lift the energy and create an environment supporting who lives there – embracing if you will.

Also realize overhead lighting is (unless it is a handsome chandelier) abusive to the senses, casts shadows, delivers poor lighting unless you work in an auto shop or similar need for very bright lighting – whenever there is anything bright and heavy over your head it is pressure from above…who needs more of that?

LANDSCAPING CONSIDERATIONS follow the same guidance of balancing the property, the house and anything else it shares with the ground.

Some questions to ask:

Does Clutter Rule? Is there really a place for everything (and is everything in its place?) Is lighting appropriate and supportive to good thinking and creativity?

Can you use COLOR? Of course, why not? There is latitude for using color beyond beige and gray. Consider the possibilities.

SPACE PLANNING is a huge consideration for the affect it has on those who live inside the space and those who visit you. Believe it or not, consciously or unconsciously, how people feel in their or your space can predict satisfactory outcomes of loyalty, credibility, and other successful benchmarks.

Call me for an informal conversation to see if we might find common ground to help you manage change, provide answers and DO what you either do not want to do or cannot find the time to do. I so look forward to hearing from you. My greatest pleasure is helping someone to live and work better in the world we also create.

Contracts and Fees are part of the conversation.

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