Business and Office Services

  • Overview and Recommendations for Better Business and Development Practices, Procedures & Processes
  • Facilitating Marketing and Development Recommendations – Key employee and/or hands-on
  • Physical Environment Enhancement – Use of Space, Color and Lighting, Placement of departments, furnishings, etc., for highest and best use and profitability.

Personal Space and Life Enhancement

To the right are a few “before & after” photos of  commercial  properties. Many of my clients have an interest in making those properties more attractive for investment and leasing value. It works.   

 A Portsmouth medical  supply business needed a “do-over” to present it for sale – a little paint,  space planning and re-arrangement and it SOLD within weeks.
Restaurants are a favorite of mine and RAZZO in East Ocean View Norfolk not only knocked out their great food to a waiting audience but the RASPBERRY, CITRON and CHARCOAL building literally made it more delicious and elegant.

I have worked with Bonnie Primm in some creative way since 1966, starting at WAVY TV.

My most recent experience with Bonnie has been colors for several commercial buildings and one healthcare business we were selling.  We were starting to think that the health care business would be better off closing and not even trying to sell.  I asked Bonnie to come in and look at colors and placement of store fixtures.  Within about two weeks the store was painted and redesigned inside.  We spent less than $2,500 and within a month the business was sold.

We changed the color scheme on two other buildings and now the realtor is getting more calls than any of the properties he represents.

Bonnie has also worked with us on beach rental property and our personal residence.  She honestly energizes and brings new life to properties with very little cash outlay.

Maury Cooke

Overview and Recommendations for Better Business and Development Practices, Procedures & Processes

Facilitating Marketing and Development Recommendations – Key employee and/or hands-on

Physical Environment Enhancement – Use of Space, Color and Lighting, Placement of departments, furnishings, etc., for highest and best use and profitability.

Full Day Design Consulting– On-Going Space and Design Consulting – Contractual

INTERIORS are not just to hold people; they are spaces to adequately if not  better, accommodate the needs of the business and employers/employees – and the people who do business with them.
 EXTERIORS are the FIRST view of any business whether retail or commercial How attractive, appropriate and well located they are can make or break its’ success and yours.

Some questions to ask:

Does Clutter Rule? Is there really a place for everything (and is everything in its place? Are the desks and other workspaces placed where the people who work in them are more powerfully supported? Is lighting appropriate and supportive to good thinking and creativity? This means NO bright fluorescent lights burning down.

Can you use COLOR? Of course, why not? Often there are corporate guidelines and even then there is latitude for using color beyond beige and gray. Consider the possibilities.

SPACE PLANNING is a huge consideration for the affect it has on those who work inside the space and those who transact business with you. Believe it or not, consciously or unconsciously, how people feel in their or your space can predict satisfactory outcomes of loyalty, credibility, and other successful benchmarks.


Do you need ideas to move you forward? Do you need someone to think outside the box – be more objective? For 30 years my clients have found (and hopefully enjoyed) their successes and new ideas to RE-PURPOSE, RE-POSITION and RE-BOOT their energies and ideas.

So much of what we need to really do instead of RE-ACTING to every new marketing tool and HOW-TO, is to focus on what we want and what the world really needs and that is good RELATIONSHIPS.

Relationships created business of all kinds from the beginning of time and I am more than sure it did not end back then. If we find the speed at which information impacts our lives almost impossible to comprehend and work with, then it makes sense to build and bring value to relationships. Basically this is really what  is missing.

Call me for an informal conversation to see if we might find common ground to help you manage change, provide answers and DO what you either do not want to do or cannot find the time to do. I so look forward to hearing from you. My greatest pleasure is helping someone to live and work better in the world we also create.

Contracts and Fees are part of the conversation. 

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